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Means using herbs and nutrition together, to optimally support and strengthen the ways in which the body naturally handles waste, toxins and environmental pollution.

   We face an astonishing array of health threats in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Each year we are exposed to hundreds of new chemicals, and our body’s ability to process and detoxify them is virtually unknown, and the toxic load from small amounts of these combined chemicals can not even be calculated.

    To live with this we need cleansing to create our own clean environment, inside and out.

The Pollution Toxins Inside & Out: An Everyday Challenge
Air Pollution and the Need for CleansingWater Pollution and the Need for CleansingJunk Food and the Need For Cleansing"Good" Food and the Need For CleansingNormal Cell Biology and the Need for Cleansing  
The SolutionReduce Toxic Load & Wake Up Natural Cleansing
The Solution for a Clean and Healthy Body, Naturally!Cleanse and Restore with Nature's Pure BodyParasites - Cleanse & Protect with PC-1-2-3BCN's 90-Day Rejuvenation ProgramOngoing Nutritional Detox Support  
The Nature's Pure Body Program Nature's Pure Body
The Nature’s Pure Body Program was rated as the #1 cleansing program by Health Magazine and is frequently recommended by many doctors and health practitioners (a professional product with over 5,000 practicioners using it in their practices). It is gentle, thorough, easy-to-use, well tested (with over 30 years experience) and all natural!
PC-1-2-3 Parasite Cleansing Formula Parasite Cleansing
Each one of us is exposed to parasites everyday!. Our proprietary formula not only completely rids the body of parasites (without the use of laxatives), it also strengthens the immune system and conditions the digestive tract for continued, long-lasting results.
The BCN and Dr. Clapp Cleansing Program BCN's 90-Day Cleansing Program
BCN’s 90-day program was created with the help of Dr. Larry Clapp and is described in his book Prostate Health in 90 Days. Beware of imitators - this program is the original and the best!
Nutritional Support for Whole Body Cleansing Nutritional Support
Everyone’s body is different and has different needs! It’s important to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it requires throughout the cleansing process. Specific nutrients help support Type I, II & III detoxification, and to mantain the benefits of cleansing.
Nature's Pure Body Cleansing Program

The Original & Still the

Nature's Pure Body Program:
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PC-1-2-3 Parasite Cleansing Formula from BCN
BCN's Premier Parasite Formula:
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BCN's 90-Day Cleanse Kit
BCN's 90-Day Cleanse Program:
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Additional Cleansing Items:
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