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Nature's Pure Body Store

Has Closed

Dear Customers Old and New,

It is with joy and sadness that we inform you that we have partially closed our business as of December 15th.

After 27 years of serving our customers, it is high time we retire.  We thank you for walking through our doors – virtually – and we say goodbye to people who’ve gone from perfect strangers to – now – being a part of our family.  We thank you for your trust in us and we know you’ve appreciated our responsibility in providing products that have kept you in good health on this journey of life.

We will be selling our BCN products, including our patented formulas, until we run out of present stock.  We expect that this will be a very limited time.  Those products include:

  • Life Assure
  • neoProstate
  • PMC (please call to order, it is not listed on our website)

So, the BCN products listed above are available – AND AGAIN – ONLY UNTIL WE RUN OUT OF STOCK, at our main webstore: www.BCN4Life.com  We expect that time to be very limited.

We encourage you to place your orders online as soon as possible.  Please be advised that in some instances shipping will be delayed, based on size of shipments going out.

So, that’s it.  That’s a wrap.  We hope in some small way we’ve made your days healthier and brighter and that you remember us with fondness.

With gratitude,
Art and June

Beachwood Canyon, Naturally, Ltd.

Beachwood Canyon, Naturally, Ltd.
New York, NY