PC 1-2-3™ Herbal Parasite Cleanse Formula 2 fl oz

PC 1-2-3&#8482 Herbal Parasite Cleanse Formula 2 fl oz

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PC 1-2-3™ Herbal Parasite Cleanse Formula 2 fl oz

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Product Description Top of Product Information Section

Here at BCN Formulas™, we approached the development of this product by looking at the most effective, yet gentle, cleansing herbs for the GI tract - traditionally used for digestive problems associated with parasites.  However, traditional herbal formulas cannot effectively address systemic parasites. Only the immune system can. We added two well-known immune system boosting herbs: Astragulus and Pau d'Arco at significant levels to insure complete cleansing and protection!

Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Assimilate:
Most important, the herbs are provided in the most body-ready format available: a complete liquefied herbal.
The only process that produces this is a true Herbal Liquefaction™ extraction process, which yields pure, bacteria-free, liquefication of the whole herb, including valuable trace minerals. This assures absorption and bio-availability even when the GI tract is compromised. We believe this superior formulation to be the finest product of its type ever made available to the public.

Superior Formula for Superior Results:
PC-1›2›3™ works with the body to strengthen and enhance its own systems for cleansing and protecting, avoiding the harsh and irritating methods of other formulas. Each herb is carefully selected to take full advantage of its multiple properties and synergistic effects with other herbs.

Supplement Facts Top of Product Information Section

Supplement Facts  
Servings Per
Servings Size 10 drops (approx. .5 ml)   Container apx. 118
Ingredient Amt /Serving % RDI
Contains a Proprietary Herbal Blend of: 0.5 ml  
PUMPKIN (Cucurbita Pepo)   *

GARLIC BULB (Allium sativum)


ASTRAGALUS ROOT (Astragalus membranaceus)


WORMWOOD AERIAL PARTS** (Artemisia  absinthium)

PAU D'ARCO BARK (Tabebuia impetiginosa)   *
BLACK WALNUT GREEN HULL (Juglans nigra)   *
KIRTA AERIAL PARTS (Andrographis paniculata)   *
BUTTERNUT BARK (Juglans cinerea)   *
FRANGULA BARK (Frangula Alnus)   *
CLOVE FLOWER** (Syzygium aromaticum)   *
SENNA LEAF (Senns alexandrina)   *
% RDI — age 12 and older * Need for human nutrition not established
   ** Organic Herb Used

Other Ingredients: purified water with 35% ethanol.

Contains no common allergen.

Suggested Usage Top of Product Information Section

10 Drops in water or juice 3 times daily.

FAQs & Research Top of Product Information Section

Everyone is Exposed To Parasites!  It is part of living.

Defend with PC-1›2›3™ for Healthy Digestive & Immune Systems:

1› Cleanse. The first step in addressing parasites is to cleanse the system. PC-1›2›3™ gently and effectively accomplishes this throughout the GI tract, as well as the whole body. Parasites can move out of the GI tract into other areas of the body and within cells, where traditional herbal preparations have no effect. PC-1›2›3™ strengthens the immune system to address systemic parasites.

2› Strengthen. Weak immune systems let parasites take hold and thrive! In people with immune systems that have been compromised for any reason, parasite infections are much more common. Powerful, synergistic, full-spectrum immune boosters, Astragulus and Pau d'Arco, work to strengthen the immune system to improve its ability to cleanse, and to protect both the GI tract and the whole body. No other formula provides this.

3› Protect. In the U.S., intestinal infections are the 3rd leading cause of illness and disease! Many of the herbs in PC-1›2›3™ serve to both cleanse and protect the body by revitalizing the GI tract, liver and intestinal ecosystem. Improved immune function helps protect the entire body from everyday exposure leading to parasite infection.

Herbal Liquefaction™ Produces a superior herbal product yielding:
• Each Herb's Complete Properties
• The Highest Potency Possible
• A Bacteria Free Preparation
• Full Mineral Content, fully Bio-Available

Herbal Liquefaction™ Preparation:
Formulated from the highest quality botanicals available from ethical, reliable sources, the true Herbal Liquefaction™ Extraction process produces a highly superior product. While many companies start with quality materials, what makes BCN's product superior to virtually any on the market is the processing.

Typical Extract Preparation:
First, it is important to point out that predominant methods used by others for herbal processing include heat extraction, cold pressing, steeping and percolating. All these methods end up with significant amounts of bio-active botanical materials that are discarded.

Your Health Gains From What Others Discard: What is discarded with standard extraction processes are valuable balancing properties of the herb and valuable mineral salts.

Herbal Liquefaction™ Preparation vs. Dry Herb: Some people prefer dry herb in capsules, believing that this will provide the whole herb's properties, however, typically less than 20% of the ingested herb is digested and even less becomes bio-available.

Calculating the absorbed difference, the Herbal Liquefaction™ Advantage is:
20 drops of BCN's PC-1›2›3™ Parasite Cleansing formula is equal to 6,213 mg of dry plant consumed in capsules!

BCN's Unique Liquefication Process:
BCN's Liquefied Herbs are prepared using a true Herbal Liquefaction™ Extraction process - a slow, complex, multi-phase, unheated extraction process that renders the most complete preparation of the essence of the herbs, compared to any other process. This results in a total liquefication of the herbs, producing a full spectrum herbal product containing all of the botanical materials rather than an extraction which discards much of the herb. This provides a true, balanced and bioavailable herbal product. The secrets of this 16th-century processing method were nearly lost and have been perfected by few practitioners. By using this time-honored, slow and labor-intensive method, we are uniquely able to extract not only the tannins and essential oils, but also the very important macro-minerals and mineral salts that are locked in the fibers of the botanicals used to create our superior quality liquefied herbals.

Economical to use:
The complete liquefication process makes BCN's PC-1›2›3™ economical and easy to use. All our products are formulated using different concentration levels to yield a common, full-strength suggested use level of 10 drops. (Compare this to most herbal products that recommend using from 15 to 30, for optimal strength, drops per dose. At the suggested retail price of $32.95, a 10 drop optimal dose makes BCN's PC-1›2›3™ equivalent to paying only $5.49 per ounce when compared to standard products.)

A note regarding ethanol:
Non-alcohol based herbal extracts are less stable, typically do not remain properly in suspension, and may contain bacteria. (Even many alcohol-based products may contain bacteria, or contain too little alcohol to prevent contamination after opening.) BCN's Herbal Energies liquefied herbal products are processed by a unique light-free, low-oxygen exposure method that virtually eliminates deterioration of the herbal material and any bacteria growth. After processing, ethanol is used as a preservative, and to prevent contamination by users. Glycerin-based products offer no protection, and many people put the dropper into their mouth, then back into the bottle.

This combination of the unique preparation process and appropriate levels of ethanol also accounts for the unusually long, stable, expected shelf life of this product, under normal storage conditions - 3 years. The ethanol used in this product is mild in taste, blending well with the herbal flavors.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.